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Can Stock Photo Guide Index

  • 700,000 images
  • 3 MP minimum size
  • 100 photos / day
  • 50% payout
  • FTP upload have to click on site to process
  • Easy to accidently upload a small photo
  • Not worth the effort

2007 earnings #9 0.5%

July 2008 earnings #9 0.1%


Size  and prices

Non-exclusive payout per download

Minimum amount needed to convert
  600 x 800 2mp 4mp 10mp Chq



PayPal Money


Can Stock Photo 50c 75c $1 $1.25 $100 $50 $100 25c from subscriptions, guest are charged double so $1, $1.50 and $2
Guests downloaders are charged double $1 $1.50 $2 $2.50        

Higher payout from guess users

Subscription pay 25c per photo



Advantages of Can Stock Photo

Detailed rejections and opportunity to resubmit

Series wizard useful for grouping photos

separate e-mail for each accepted/rejected photo

$50 payout via PayPal

Disadvantages of Can Stock Photo

Low sales

don't pay the Paypal fee so if you earn $50 you receive $47.50

Fairly tough review process regarding property release

3 photo sample to apply

If you accidentally upload a small photo to Can Stock photo you won't know until they reject it a week later as there is no indication of what size the photo is. Most other sites will automatically check the size when you upload.


Can Stock Photo

Their size policy is a bit strange their minimum requirement is 3mp.

2 credits 800 x 600 - your cut 50c

3 credits 1600 x 1200 - your cut 75c

4 credits 2272 x 1704 - your cut $1

5 credits 10 mp - your cut $1.25