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Dreamstime Guide Index

  • 7,655,767  images
  • 3 MP minimum size
  • 30% of image credit price
  • Popular images earn more per download
  • FTP upload
  • Extended license $50
  • accepts eps once jpeg accepted up to $4.20 - $10.20 depending on credit price and level (only 35c from subscriptions)


Size  and prices New price structure however old credits will give old prices

Non-exclusive payout per download

Finally updated January 2011

It seems the days of 50c per credit are over now the photographer receives 30% of the credit price large amounts of credits are discounted. To further complicate matters each year the credit price changes 

* eps files sell for double the price of the largest rasterized JPG submitted figures quoted if you submitted a 9 mp file

All figures below are based on 21c/ credit the lowest I've seen   

Dreamstime 320 x 480
600 x 800
3 - 5 mp
5-8 mp
8 - 12 mp
12 mp+TIFFsub eps
0-4 Downloads  21c 63c
$84 $1.05 $1.26 $1.47$2.3135c $4.20
5-9 Downloads  63c $1.05 $1.47 $1.68 $1.89 $2.10$4.5035c$6
10-24 Downloads  $1.05 $1.47 $2.10 $2.31 $3.60 $3.9$670c$7.80
25-49 Downloads ) $2.10 $2.70 $3.60 $3.90 $4.20 $4.5$6.9070c$9
50+ Downloads  $2.70 $3.30 $4.20 $4.50 $4.8 $5.10$7.80$1.05$10.20


Advantages of Dreamstime

  • generous upload limits if you have a high approval ratio
  • Can edit keywords after an image is accepted
  • Indication of review time upon uploading (usually 3-4 days)
  • 10% of downloads from referred photographers for three years
  • $4.20 for a vector eps file
  • autopopulate title, description keywords and categories or just categories from previous 10 uploaded images or from any image if you know the image number.
  • Since Jan'08 you can see what keyword was used to search for one of your downloaded images.
  • Will pay $5 for news related images if it is an edittor choice. Identifiable faces and company logos are now allowed if they are editorial
  • keymaster program have your images keyworded by someone else 40c per accepted image
  • some people upload to DT first let DT keyword them see how they sell then upload elsewhere
  • Popular images earn more

Disadvantages of Dreamstime

  • Subscriptions earn just 25c or 30c even level 5 images with over 100 downloads (which would earn between $4.50 - $7)
  • only 30% of credit price
  • 3 MP photo minimum
  • Have recently become more fussy for accepting photos
  • Model release is required for people even if they are not facing the camera
  • Thumbnail of deleted photo deleted after 7 days but info still in e-mail

Extra bits

DT award you 2c for suggesting ten new keywords for someone else's photo.

Your referred photographers are listed in your profile page, so if you spot a great image with bad keywords you can help them out.

The 2c is nothing but 10% of any sales over the next three years may make it worth your time.


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Michigan Avenue Bridge
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Australian wildlife road signs
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Bottles for recycling
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Traffic Jam, Glasgow
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