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Featurepics Guide Index

  • 600 x 800 minimum size
  • No upload limits
  • accept eps files will sell for maximum set price
  • FTP upload

Size  and prices

Non-exclusive payout per download

0.3 MP0.6 MP2.8 MP6.4 MP9.2 MP11.3 MP16.3 MP Minimum amount needed to convert
Featurepics 40c50c$2$2.50$3$4$5 $50 CHQ $50 PP $50 MB

Advantages of Featurepics

  • high payouts
  • Generous  upload limits
  • $50 minimum to cash out
  • They add the categories
  • High acceptance rate
  • RF, RM and editorial images

Disadvantages of Featurepics

  • very low sales
  • Can't edit keywords after an image is submitted
  • need to e-mail them to delete a photo


need to type in details each time into Filezilla

click on process images at bottom of FTP webpage at their site to process images otherwise wait 15 minutes