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A simple blank spreadsheet with the formulas to calculate how much money you are earning from your stock photos both $/month and DLs/month from your Shutterstock stats. A simple way to see which photos really are selling at this subscription Micro stock site.

Full instructions are included in the file but here they are

1 Go to by subscription download stats page at SS

2 export webpage to Excel (right click on table when using Internet explorer)

3 copy and paste "photo ID, buys, earned, uploaded" entries from spreadsheet that is created into the yellow box

on my spreadsheet from first page usually columns A to E

4 enter current date in box G15

5 using replace function (cntrl + h) replace $ signs so for example $4 with 4

6 go to next page of subscription downloads at SS and repeat steps 2 and 3 until you get bored 

7 use replace function (cntrl + h) replace any more $ signs so for example $2 with 2

8 useful to replace "stock photo :" text with a space to decrease the width of that column 

Download Shutterstock stats spreadsheet (108KB)



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