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Stockphotomedia Guide Index

  • 226,995 images
  • 600 x 800 minimum size
  • No upload limits
  • 35-55% of download
  • FTP upload
  • accept eps graphics but cumbersome upload process need to send eps file zipped 1.50 Euros
  • Not worth the effort unless you really want an unpopular image online

2007 earnings #10 0.4%

July 2008 earnings #10 0%


Size  and prices

Non-exclusive payout per download

Minimum amount needed to convert
  600 x 800 2mp 4mp Chq


PayPal Money


StockPhotoMedia 0.35 E 1.35E 2.75E   60E   Can request payment every three months

Advantages of Stockphotomedia

  • Your cut of each sale depends on size
  • (small 35%, medium 45%, large 55%)
  • 600 x 800 file size minimum
  • Generous upload limits
  • Can request payment every three months
  • Fast review time

High acceptance rate - if you are desperate to get images online

Disadvantages of Stockphotomedia

Low sales

Slow FTP transfer


Need to e-mail to apply

slow transfer files shifted 2-4 times per day